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Dogging has been a uniquely British sexual pastime for some time now but only with the advent of the internet has it been possible for exhibitionist dogging couples to advertise when and where they are going to be indulging in some outdoor public sex  to ensure an audience of horny voyeurs who will if lucky be asked to join in!!


If you've heard about dogging & are keen to join in a dogging session then our dogging site is for you! At dogging mates we bring together swinging exhibitionist doggers usually dogging couples looking for others to watch and participate in public group sex acts with them - a sort of online dogging fairy organising dogging dates!!


Please remember that dogging is an adult sexual activity and that the content of this site is of an adult sexual nature. If you are under 18 or likely to be offended by public displays of sex acts or it isn't legal to view such material in your community please leave now & click here.


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Dogging tips to ensure fun dogging sessions

1.Dogging is meant to be a fun sexual activity. Do not be rude or pushy. Remember if a dogging spot gets a reputation for being frequented by rude doggers dogging couples will avoid it. The end result will be a dogging venue dying &  fun being ruined for a whole dogging community...your popularity amongst other doggers  will take a nose dive too!

2.All doggers are not the same! Some dogging couples just like the thrill of being watched shagging in their car. If a dogging couple turns their internal car lights on or winds down the windows the odds are they are inviting you to join in. If you find a car door open and a wet pussy in your face then I'd take that as an invite!!

3.Do your dogging homework first. If you are straight & choose a gay dogging spot it isn't going to be your cup of tea!!

4. Always practise safe sex - a good dogging session is swinging fun. A dose of clap or worse is not a good dogging experience!!


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